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The investment profession stands at an inflection point, and we can't rely on old models and maxims. CFA Institute identifies the trends and strategies shaping the future.

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CFA Institute Research Is Leading the Industry

We offer thought leadership and publications spanning the globe and varied topics to elevate the investment management profession.

The Investment Industry Is Changing

CFA Institute is leading and prepared with resources to help you manage the transition.


ESG Investing & Analysis

Consideration of ESG factors will improve the fundamental analysis financial professionals undertake.



Fintech is changing the landscape of investment management.

CFA Institute Premier Publications

  • Future of Finance

    Read thought leadership to shape a more trustworthy, forward-thinking investment profession that better serves society.

  • Financial Analysts Journal

    View articles from the leading practitioner journal in investment management.

  • CFA Institute Journal Review

    Review findings from key investment research in an easy-to-read format.

  • Research Foundation

    Find independent, in-depth research on current issues relevant to the investment profession.

  • Enterprising Investor

    Discover compelling perspectives written for investment professionals by investment professionals.

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