Refresher Readings

Stay current on what's important in the constantly evolving investment management industry with readings taken directly from the CFA® Program curriculum. Available exclusively to members and informed by a rigorous Practice Analysis process, Refresher Readings help you see what has changed in the curriculum—and the industry—since you earned your charter.

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This Year, Members Benefit First

Our 2021 Refresher Readings and new online learning modules are some of the most valuable Professional Learning products we offer because they equip our members with the highest level of knowledge and skills they need to achieve their career goals and help them adapt in a changing investment landscape, especially in times of global disruption.

This year, members get a first look at what will change in the CFA Program through Refresher Readings because the pandemic-related deferral of CFA exams has led us to extend and test candidates on the 2020 curriculum.

See what is new for 2021, and check back for more updates as we add to our library.

Find Out What Is Changing in the Curriculum

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The Members' Guide highlights what changed in 2021 and why these updates matter to practitioners like you. Curious to explore PL credit-eligible Refresher Readings? Download the guide to build on the practical knowledge and skills you need for 2021 and beyond.

Download the Member's Guide

Dive into Data Science with New Online Learning Modules

Our members revisit our Refresher Readings every year to help them adapt to industry changes. To keep pace with these changes, we adapted the content from two Refresher Readings—material we typically offer in PDF and ePub formats—into interactive, online modules that accommodate your learning preferences. Set your own date for completing the module, see how you rank against other participants, check your mastery as you progress, and earn Professional Learning credit, at the times and places most convenient for you.

Log in using your member credentials to explore the modules. We welcome your feedback as we build and improve upon this new learning experience.

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Machine Learning

Dive deeper into machine learning, neural networks, deep learning nets, and more. This PL-eligible Refresher Reading and flexible, modular learning opportunity will expand your knowledge of machine learning terminology and processes.

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Organizing, Visualizing, and Describing Data

Explore new ways to turn data into keen financial analysis with this Refresher Reading and online learning module. Flexible lessons update you on data types and data visualization methods as you earn PL credits.

Featured Refresher Readings for 2021

Explore the core competencies and preview the changes that are coming to the CFA Program curriculum with readings in data science, investment analysis, wealth management, and ethics, rules, and standards. 


Browse All Refresher Readings

Explore the complete collection of Refresher Readings, taken directly from the CFA Program curriculum. Filter the list by program level and topic to locate the most relevant materials for your Professional Learning. Although ethics readings are included, members are encouraged to use the Standards of Practice Handbook and related resources to help navigate the ethical dilemmas they face in their professional lives.

The entire current CFA Program curriculum is also available for purchase in print format for members.