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Interested in accelerating your career? With the Certificate in ESG Investing, you can master real-world investing skills, incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in your skillset.

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Certificate Overview

The CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing* offers you both practical application and technical knowledge in the fast-growing field of ESG investing — an opportunity to both accelerate progress and demonstrate purpose. 

The certificate and learning materials were developed by leading practitioners for practitioners, and have been recognized by the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), an independent body that seeks to encourage investors to use responsible investment to enhance returns and better manage business risks.

The Certificate in ESG Investing is developed, administered, and awarded by CFA Society of the United Kingdom (CFA UK) and successful candidates will receive the CFA UK Level 4 Certificate in ESG Investing.

* a product of CFA Society of the United Kingdom

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Who Should Register?

This certificate is designed for investment practitioners who want to learn more about how to analyze and integrate material ESG factors into their day-to-day roles. It is suitable for anyone working in front or back offices and adjacent roles — including sales and distribution, wealth management, product development, financial advice, consulting, risk — as well as anyone looking to improve their understanding of ESG issues.

We recommend you have a strong foundational knowledge of the investment process, whether achieved through formal qualification like CFA® Program, or through experience.

Exam Format

The CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing exam:

  • Consists of 100 standard multiple choice and item set questions
  • To be completed within 2 hours and 20 minutes
  • Administered in person at test centers in select markets*
  • Online proctoring is available, depending on local regulations and system capability

* OnVue remote proctoring for CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing is not available in all markets at this time. Please check if remote examination or a physical test center is available in your area before registering.

Exam Fees, Costs, and Scheduling

Exam Registration Fee

GBP 485

You can register for the Certificate in ESG Investing, awarded by CFA Society of the United Kingdom, for GBP 485 (USD 660). When you register, you may choose to purchase a hard copy of the syllabus (the Official Training Manual) with registration for an additional GBP 40 (USD 55) + shipping.


Once registered, you will have up to one full year to schedule your exam with Pearson Vue. We recommend beginning to study before scheduling. Then depending on your study pacing, schedule your exam one month prior to your desired exam period. At a minimum, allow 2 working days after receiving your registration confirmation to schedule your exam.

If you do not schedule your exam within this period, you may re-register with a GBP 350 (USD 485) fee to resit the exam.

Certificate Syllabus and Topic Weights

The current syllabus for the Certificate in ESG Investing, valid through 30 September 2021, balances questions across topics as follows:

Topic Topic Weight

Introduction to ESG


The ESG Market


Environmental Factors


Social Factors


Governance Factors


Engagement and Stewardship


ESG Analysis, Valuation, and Integration


ESG Integrated Portfolio Construction and Management


Investment Mandates, Portfolio Analytics, and Client Reporting


Study Time

We recommend you devote about 130 hours of study time to achieve the Certificate in ESG Investing. Feedback from certificate graduates shows that experienced professionals may only need around 100 hours to study for this exam.

When you register, you will gain access to valuable resources to guide and support your study with bite-size self-paced materials on a digital learning platform:

  • the syllabus
  • training manual
  • a specimen paper
  • self-assessment questions

Pass Marks and Pass Rates

The pass mark for the Certificate in ESG Investing exam is between 60% and 70%. Between 60 and 75% of all exam takers achieve a passing score each year.

Certificate Testimonials

The curriculum is broad and covers all the key elements. The result is a qualification that starts the journey into ESG investing, a segment that is evolving quickly and will form a key part of our investment future.

Caroline S., Head of Fund and Asset Management

Still Have Questions?

Developed by CFA UK, the Certificate in ESG Investing is administered and awarded by CFA UK. Please contact qualifications@cfauk.org with any remaining questions.

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